︎ If you are a designer, who want to collaborate with me, just send me an email via gydient@gmail.com

︎ If you are looking for a service, keep scrolling. 


How to work with a designer?

I know you are busy, so I'll get straight to the point. I’m not a fan of Fiver - It makes you become a consumer of junk food. Carefully, I try to solve every problems by creative and give you the insight of your business as a designer. This will be much more healthier than junk food.

Step 1. Send me an email

Please kindly send me an email via gydient@gmail.com, which includes:
1. Briefly information about you and your business, company or project.
2. A creative brief (you should always have it before contact with any freelancer or creative agency)
*I'm willing to work on non-profit project, which is appropriate for me.

Step 2. Let’s talk

After analyzing your brief, I’ll send back to you a quotation. If we are both agree with the deal (50% cost of project).
I will make up a call in 30 minutes with you via skype, hangout, slack, etc (Whatever app do you prefer to use). I want to get more insights about your business before design any signle icon. 

Step 3. Design & Delivery

I often give my client about 2 rounds (via both PDF files and Video calls) for pitching, in which you can join with me to know about creative process.  I believe the best work happens when client and designer can come up with a solution together.

After you pay the rest 50%, I will deliver all the final project files to you. And hopefully, we can work together more than one project. ︎

Let’s work!

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