Art Direction & Visual Design 

Project: Adobe MAX: CoCreate 2020
Client: Adobe Max
Visual & Graphic by Gydient
Animation by Hieu Vu
at Collaborative Team Fustic. Studio
Year: 2020

Adobe Max: CoCreate 2020

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Adobe MAX, the premier conference for creatives, took place on October 2020 and offered a diverse lineup of live and on-demand content including engaging sessions, hands-on labs, inspiring keynotes, and exciting musical performances featuring notable guest appearances. Attendees were also given exclusive access to sneak peeks of new Adobe features straight from their labs.

Our team at Co-Create was thrilled to be a part of this event and had the opportunity to showcase our talents by being commissioned to design assets surrounding the official MAX logo using the Adobe Illustrator app on iPad and bringing them to life through the use of After Effects.

Asset 01: Evolution

Adobe has always been at the forefront of digitizing the visual art (now bringing Illustrator to the iPad) and we want to capture that using our transformative style. We are captivated by Roy Lichtenstein era-defining pop art style and wanted to incorporate them with flat vector design.


Asset 02: Mirage

We praise Adobe MAX as the perfect connection point of art and tech and of people with people. We want to celebrate this connection with an analogy of a mirage - a point where earth meets the sky, under the right atmospheric condition shall produce a visually tantalizing optical illusion. We later elevated the composition to include a prism to further elevate the idea of meeting, connection and expand.


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