2019: Art Directors Club New York (ADC)
Merit: Project Agent Orange Typeface
2019: Hamburg Department Design - Portfolio Exhibition

2018: Vietnam Halography Award
Bronze: Project “Nhan" with Fustic.Studio

2015: Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Art
Rank 2 | Enrollment Scholarship.

& Dog Person 

Gydient (Giang Nguyen) is a multidisciplinary designer based in Hamburg who is also co-founder of Fustic.Studio. Now she is continuing her bachelor at Hamburg Design Department.

For the last year she has been involved in projects related to typography and type design such as: Viaoda Libre (Published on Google Fonts), Agent Orange, Chargo,...

Gydient produces contemporary, simple and efficient digital solutions. Her work conducts brand identity along with typeface and interaction design studies.

If you are interested in any kind of collaboration, feel free to get in touch. :)

—Workshop & Talk

2019: Host Open Collab (online platform by
Patrick Thomas) in Hanoi & Saigon
2017: Workshop Layout & Grid 01 in Hanoi


Focus on:
— Type Design
— Brand Design
— Visual Design

— Digital/Web Design
— 2D & 3D Illustration 
— Motion Design

—Soc!al Med!a

Instagram: Gydient
Facebook: Gydient
Behance: Gydient_
LinkedIn: Gydient 
Dribbble: Gydient
Vimeo: Gydient
Xing: Giang Nguyen