Graphic Design &

Concept by: Prof. Patrick Thomas
Coaching & Organising: Gydient
Assistant: Minh Pham
Year: 2019

About Open Collab:
“I receive a lot of requests form students and educators asking me to hold workshops. As my time is limited I am only able to give as few each year, which is why I have created Open_collab, a project that can be run without me.
    The main aim is to encourage groups of people to collaborate, initially quite possibly without them even realising it. It is aimed at students, educators and professionals at any stage of their careers. It will help participants to appreciate the importance of teamwork, and allow them to view their own work from a new perspective.
    The workshop is intense, however it should be of course be enjoyable. It will demonstrate what we are capable of achieving when we work together to reach a common goal. More than the resulting collaborative wall graphic, the most important aspect of the project is the working process. Good luck, and please be sure to let us know how you get on.”

_Patrick Thomas

Project: Open Collab
—Vietnamese Traffic


There is no rule in crossing the road in Vietnam. Just look at the vehicles that are heading towards you, then move smoothly avoiding them until you make it across the road. It’s like an adventure, and risking your life just to cross the road. But believe me, no one will crash into you.


I was born and raised in Vietnam. Like many other Vietnamese, I have enough "virtuosity" skills to join the crazy traffic here. The streets of Vietnam are bustling because we do not have many public types of transport. Many fascinating cultures, when participating in traffic in Vietnam, have been created because the primary transportation used in Vietnam is motorbikes.

Our streets are indeed noisy, chaotic, but there are also lots of laughter, and Vietnamese people are continuously improving it: the government enforcing traffic laws; improved infrastructure and public transport system; raising awareness when participating in traffic; etc.
On the other hand, through the Open Collab workshop, I want to explore the funny perspective of indigenous people on this topic. How do 15-20 people create and collaborate together to tell the story of Vietnam's traffic in a humorous and multidimensional way? More 300 posters contain comprehensive information on all aspects of the bustling traffic, presented in an interesting and stimulating manner.

—Open Collab Hanoi:

—Nguyen Tra Giang
—Hai Doan
—Nam Le
—Trung Bao
—Pham Vu Nguyet Minh
—Đo Đuc Toàn
—Nguyen Thành Đat
—Pham Viet Dũng
—Đang Thi Minh Ngoc
—Tran Đuc Minh
—Pham Linh
—Nguyen Duy Long
—Pham Hoang Anh
—Nguyen Nhat Ánh
—Lai Thao Linh
—Mai Ngoc Yen
—Nguyen Ha Duyen
—Tran David Khanh Nam

—Open Collab Sai Gon:

—Nguyen Tra Giang
—Huy Ta
—Cao Le Ngoc Dung
—Nguyen Thi To Lam
—Si Tran
—Lam Bao
—Nguyen Xuan Hoang
—Ngo Hinh Gia Lam
—Truong Gia Vinh
—Nguyen Anh Quang
—Luong Cong Anh Duc
—Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Linh
—Nguyen Le Minh
—Vu Đang Tuan Son
—Hoang Tuan Quyen
—Nguyen Duy Anh

Open Collab Hanoi

Open Collab Sai Gon

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