Merit Young Ones Award 2019 (ADC New York)

Type Design &
Brand Identity

Client: Personal project
Art director: Gydient & Nhi Bui
Web & Graphic design: Gydient
Video Compositing: Nhi Bui
Copywriter: Adarsh & Toan

Year: 2019

Project: Old Version
Agent Orange Typeface

*New Version is in process....

Over 150,000 kids struggle to lead a normal life due to biological deformities caused by Agent Orange - the deadly herbicid used by the US during the Vietnam War.

The voice of a deformed legacy. Monotype gives these victims a voic of hope with the Agent Orang typeface. Use of this typeface raises awareness about their plight andn generates donations.

To create the Agent Orange typeface, we analyzed the anatomy of Amarillo USAF, the font on the American AirForce planes that sprayed Agent Orange on Vietnam, and distorted the proportion of it.

Thank you for watching!