Kinetic Poster Design
& Flexible Visual Identity

Motion & Graphic design: Gydient (Trà Giang)
Professor: Martin Lorenz
Coach: Verena Kiesinger and Alica Pfister
Course: Move the System - Kinetic poster design
Summer Semester 2020 at Department Design HAW Hamburg

Move The System

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This collection of posters was designed by Gydient (Trà Giang) in the course "Move the System - Kinetic poster design" by Martin Lorenz (Animation course by Verena Kiesinger and Alica Pfister) at Department Design HAW Hamburg. Kinetic typography, variable fonts, liquid branding, dynamic identities & generative design are just a few terms that we have come across more and more in recent years. Some have been in discussion for some time, others have just been added. They are indicators of a paradigm shift in communication design. The development from static to flexible.

01 - Poster

02 - System

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