Motion Design

Year: 2021
Designer: Gydient
Exhibited at Design Department Hamburg

Project: NFT Mania

Invited by ‹Archipel TXL›, an exhibition project that artistically examines the phenomenon of the island as a (non) place of isolation, longing, fiction and experiment and will exhibit it in the former (virtual) Tegel Airport (TXL), we will too dedicate ourselves to this topic - as designers.

To design a poster for an islands, understand them as parts of a large network (archipelago) and give them a face. We will be accompanied by philosophical positions (Foucault: heterotopia) and political projects by designers (Metahaven: Sealand).

Gydient decided to travel to "NFT Mania" Island.

This island is based on blockchain technology system. If you can sell your art on this island, congratulations! Many people are visiting the island in hopes of finding their own treasure. But not all of them understand where are they going. Is this island just for art lovers or a new mask for financial investors? Are you really investing in the future ... or are you just getting lost in a new frenzy? Is this island hype or the future?

Thank you for watching!