2D Illustration &
Motion design

Client: Personal project
Art director: Gydient
Illustration: Gydient
Motion design: Hieu Vu
Year: 2019

Project: Sophia

Today we are pretty familiar with virtual assistance. The first launch of Siri on iPhone was a huge move back in 2010. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, we could improve our web experience . They help us to set an alarm, an appointment, make a phone call, play music and even find a restaurant for us.

Nowadays we have a roster of virtual assistant like Alexa, Bixby, Google Assistant, etc. which are suppose to be more human in the way they respond to our orders. This is the reason why I prefer the design like that of a human body to represent “Sophia”. At the same time, different versions with various identities and abilities were also created.

In the future, I do believe the developing of virtual assistants will be no longer boring with the same identities, voice or characters like the way they are performing now. They will be diverse like “us” - human.

Thank you for watching!