Illustration: Gydient

Copywriting: Minh Pham

Project: The Giants


A romantic soul with her untamed heart is wandering through
Paris – the city of love, seeking the exact same thing. Will she
get lost in infatuation and temporary feelings or will she find a place for
all her wild love to pour into? But no matter the outcome,
she chooses to believe in love.


The famous Pisa Tower is known for its unintended tilt,
which can seem as if it’s dancing and swinging to its
own rhythm. This young swag boy, filled with curiosity but void
of specific plans or intentions, is also more than
ready to jam to whichever music life plays his way.
He is simply spontaneous and he lets youth guide the way.


The scorching sun is heating up the desert as intensely as workload
is piling up the businessman’s schedule. No matter
the weather, he is constantly working. He spends time looking
out for his sales figures just so he can spend money to go see the world.
There is a price for everything but hard work always pays off.


You can’t jump up the stairs in one try. Instead, you take step after step
to get to the top. The scientist applies the same method to
his studies. From figures and symbols to functions and equations,
from written numbers to demonstrative graphs and diagrams,...
he starts with a critical mind and arrives at a scientific result.
A scientist with a love for research isn’t crazy, he’s crazy brilliant.

05 — CHEF

An architectural masterpiece as sophisticated as the Taj Mahal
resembles such finesse that went into the making of a
chef’s dish. Looks can be deceiving, although may appear simple,
every dish requires a different skill set and a lot of attention.
The chef experiments everyday towards knowing how to intricately
combine condiments and ingredients together
to create an explosion of flavors for the guests.

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