Graduation Project

Research & Written by Gydient (Tra Giang Nguyen)
Visual System: Gydient
Typeface: Exposed Anonymity by Gydient

EVA: Exposed Virtual Anonymity

Exposed Virtual Anonymity (EVA) is a home to a variety of creative events & art exhibitions to showcase the complex relationships between virtual world and identity. 

EVA revolves around one key idea: anonymity is not achievable in the virtual environment. Your digital footprint, including body movements and facial expressions within the virtual world, will always be analyzed. As a result, our identities are constantly exposed by tech companies.

In February 2023, I flew back to Vietnam for 3 months to transform EVA — my research project from paper into a first real-life exhibition in Saigon.

The showcase is coming soon...

The showcase is coming soon...